Aisha Outlaw Star Dra Dakimakura


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Artist DrAltruist

Pillowcase is 50cmx150cm in size. Fits standard-sized body pillows or three standard pillows.

Peach Fuzz is our standard fabric. It’s a full polyester synthetic that is very durable and holds up well to wear-and-tear and machine washing. It has a soft, silky feel and is our most popular.

Two-way tricot is a cotton/polyester blend that has superior feel, and is stretchy. It is a bit more fragile than Peach Fuzz, and more expensive, but many people ask for it because it feels incredibly silky and also they like how it is elastic and can stretch easily.

The Deluxe Undressable is actually two dakis, one inside the other. Both are printed on our finest two-way tricot fabric, with the exterior daki having its zipper in the middle instead of the bottom.. This enables you to remove the exterior layer and “undress” the character. Iono keeps her signature jacket on for the nude version but other details are shown too.

Insert pillow not included.

Special order item.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing to be completed.