Yana & Ceri: Love Digital


ISBN-13: 978-1-7330816-3-4


In Yana & Ceri: Love we see Yana & Ceri when they were younger.

Ceri is an active member of KOTAR, also known as the Knights of the Art Realm.

This guild seeks to promote and protect the arts from those that seek to bring harm to this critical part of life.

Yana is a successful idol, bringing in large crowds at different venues.

Meanwhile Yana aspires to be an idol, and joins a group in which she trains hard to pursue her dreams.

Comic is rated T for ages 13 and above.

100 total high res images

Color: 32 pages + cover

B&W: 32 pages + cover

Sketches: 32 pages + cover

Additional bonus art pages included

Illustration by Eliana-Asato

Story by John “Jane” Harris.

Publishing by Jitt Wolf Productions